Pedal-based Power Meter

For many gadget lovers, cycling is a great sport. Pedal power meters are one of the fastest moving technologies in cycling. There are a multitude of power meters and some options are more suitable than others depending on an individual’s circumstances and needs. People are different on the type of bike they use, the nature […]

Crank Arm Power Meter

A crank arm power meter is typically positioned on one or more of the cranks or on the crank spider. Power is calculated by measuring the deflection of one or more strain gauges. The meters require special cranks that may be interchanged between similar bicycle components. They are light weight and easy to install, but […]

Chain Power Meter

Power meters were invented and used to be applied to biking systems since back in 1989. Essentially a power meter gauges how much power output is being created as a direct result of the exertion that the rider is applying to the bike. There are many kinds of meters nowadays, each with their own benefits […]

Strain Gauge Power Meter

Cycling on the traditional two-wheeler has begun to change for cyclists. While the overall design of the bicycle is simple, and excluding obvious evolutions as the motorbike and the motorcycle, it has remained relatively unchanged in design and operation. With Greg LeMond’s introduction of the strain gauge, however, a new field of cycling had emerged. […]

Hub-Based Power Meter

You’re starting to get serious about your cycling, and you’re in the market for a power meter. But, which type should you buy. The advantage to using a hub-based power meter is that it’s a proven technology, and the results can be verified. Hub-based power meters power meters have been available since around 1989, and […]